We source, diligence, and underwrite managers across the alternative investment landscape, with a focus on tactical asset allocation and structuring.

Private Equity

Sector specific growth capital for middle market specialists

Private Credit

Senior secured asset-backed lending in niche sectors

Venture Capital

Early-stage growth companies with technical expertise

Real Estate

Deep regional expertise across the real estate spectrum with a focus on stable cashflows and opportunistic deals

Direct Deals

Opportunistic co-investments alongside trusted managers in capacity constrained offerings

Real Assets & Infrastructure

Tax efficient contractual revenues and attractive margins

Asset Allocation Framework

Top down analysis, customized for individual’s risk tolerance, liquidity needs and return objectives

Planning & Structuring

Optimize investment structures to meet our client’s trust and estate goals

We pride ourselves on being long-term stewards of capital.

Combining our tactical asset allocation framework with bottom up selection of strategies, we focus on:

- Nimble managers in niche sectors- Capacity constrained opportunities- Capital preservation and downside mitigation- Net-after-tax returns- Integrated planning approach

As a boutique firm we deliver bespoke service, customized investment advice and personal attention to your goals and objectives. We harness our extensive experience and focus on alternative investments – an area where we believe portfolios can benefit the most.